Cuatroele-Nection is a new concept in the legal field. A young project facing the legal profession from a different point of view. That is, to take part in our clients’ team by focusing on giving them all the necessary support thanks to our specialists. We speak the same language and we consider their issues to be our own. Hence, it helps us support and propel the projects and aims of all of our clients, by making our greatest efforts. Cuatroele-Nection is a solid firm that is committed to its principles, which faces the present time on the basis of a transparency and honesty philosophy.


We are lawyers

First and foremost, we are lawyers. Our professionalism is undeniable and we enjoy what we do.

We speak our clients’ language

Our job involves making the life easier to those who need us, by managing their needs and contingencies.

We are experts in our field

We have a team composed of the best professionals. You will be in the hands of the best specialist.

Honesty and transparency are our guiding principles

Is that obvious? The positive things must also be taken into account.

We believe in entrepreneurs

We do not want the good ideas to be left out due to a lack of legal support.

If you win, we win

The only triumph is that which makes our clients happy.

A successful settlement is better than a successful lawsuit

We try that our clients’ issues are resolved as soon as possible and in the best way possible.

Flexibility and simplicity for the sake of our clients

A simple structure and the flexibility we offer to minimise our clients’ expenses.

Excellence and quality

Our years of experience in the field have taught us that we must take the greatest care over significant values such as excellence and quality day by day.

Technology: A Law partner

We are available whenever and wherever our clients want to. Contact us.


Cuatroele-Nection simply becomes a member of your team and they help you achieve your goals.

Eduardo De la Viesca - CFO Ingeniería Viesca

Thanks to Cuatroele-Nection, legal matters have never been a brake on the growth of our company

Manuel de Juan, CEO Soler Romero Oil

Cuatroele-Nection specialists have been a key factor for us in our experience as entrepreneurs

Borja López-Lax, CEO Biotraje Madrid