A specialist in Maritime, Aeronautic, and Transport Law and in Public International and Competition Law, Bárbara has more than 20 years’ experience counselling banks, financial institutions, shipowners, and shipyards, not only in simple loans with mortgaged guarantees, but also in complex fiscal structures for financial leasing conducted in Spain, taking part in the technical stage of shipbuilding and the later stage of fiscal impact.

In addition, Bárbara provides counsel on the drafting of the incorporation of shell companies and economic interest groupings, as well as on Spanish fiscal structures under Royal Decree 442/1994, the Canary Islands Special Registry, the Tonnage Tax system, and fiscal systems for financial lease and economic interest contracts.

She has taken part in many lawsuits for breach of contract by maritime and air transport companies, as well as in those arising from the extra-contractual liabilities of transport companies, shipowners, and aircraft operators.

Bárbara holds a degree in Law by Deusto University, as well as a Master’s degree in Community Law by the Autonomous University of Madrid, and two Master’s degrees in Maritime Law and Maritime Business respectively by Comillas University (ICADE). She also wrote a Ph.D. thesis on Mandatory Insurance for recreational craft. She is currently a teacher in the Master’s degree in International Law I.L.M. at the Instituto Superior de Economía y Derecho.

She is the author, co-author, or coordinator of the following papers in scientific publications or for conferences on trade law: El Convenio de embargo preventivo de buques. Geneva, 12 March 1999. El transitario en nuestro derecho y su controversia en torno a su regulación legal. Incoterms 2000 y prácticas documentarias. La responsabilidad del transitario en el transporte marítimo. Reforma al Convenio Internacional relativo al transporte de pasajeros y sus equipajes por mar, hecho en Atenas el 13 de Diciembre de 1974.